From the moment you learned you were expecting a new life to join your family, your life changed forever.  A newborn baby depends on you for everything, and it can be hard to step back from the intensity of those needs to take the time to savor the unique being that has come into your life. By the time you catch your breath, weeks or even months may have passed. With newborn photography, we help you slow down for a few hours, take a breath, and take time to capture the fleeting details of the first weeks of life.

There’s nothing quite like a newborn baby, and nothing quite as lovely as capturing this precious time of life. We recommend capturing your newborn’s “newness” within the first four weeks, after he or she arrives. You come to us, or we’ll come to you: whatever is easier. Either way, your newborn photo session with Lori Maguire Photography, will be a laid-back, safe and a heart-warming time, where we capture gorgeous portraits of your little love, that you’ll cherish forever. 

Every stage in your baby’s life is new and every week, sometimes every hour is different, so we also offer photography sessions to capture several points throughout that incredible first year. When your baby starts to lift his/her head and smile, your world changes. Baby begins to sit up, clap his/her hands and babble.  And then when he or she starts clinging to the furniture, creeping around the room, your baby is becoming independent.

We recommend coming back for milestone portraits at 3 months, 6 months, and baby’s first birthday. Lori Maguire Photography offers a Bean to Sprout package, to explore and capture all of these moments, for baby’s first year.