Meet Your Family Photographer

lori maguire standing with the camera in the field

Lori Maguire

Phone: 484-991-8665 | Email: [email protected]

I married my best friend, Chris, and we’ve been together for 16 years. Chris encouraged me to pursue my passion and start my photography business back in 2013. We have an adorable 9 year old son, Connor, and as a new mother, I found myself documenting all the special moments as my tiny miracle grew up alongside our family. It makes me happy to look through pictures I’ve taken, and reminisce about that special time in our family’s life. My goal is to bring your cherished moments to life, so you can hold onto them forever.


  • I love to exercise, and be active in and outside the home.  Running or just taking a stroll around the neighborhood.
  • I love all things Italian.  Pasta, pizza, bread, and I LOVE cake!
  • I enjoy traveling and exploring new places.
  • Love summer days in Ocean City, NJ with my family.
  • I feel most alive behind my camera.
Photography is a huge passion of mine, but more so connecting with new people and making memories they will cherish for a lifetime.
At first, my journey in studying photography, was to document my own experience of motherhood.  Pretty early into the process, I knew that I really wanted to capture these same kinds of memories for other moms.
I strongly believe that every child deserves to see and remember, just how loved they are.  Your journey is beautiful, and I can’t wait to document it.
My vision for the time we spend together, is to have fun, and capture you and your loved ones interacting in a natural way