WHEN DO OUTDOOR FAMILY PHOTO SESSIONS TAKE PLACE? What is the golden hour? Maybe you have heard of the term “Golden Hour,” or you have noticed that many photographers only shoot sessions 1-2 hours before sunset. There is a big reason for this (and it’s not because we are night owls).  Light matters A LOT in photography. In fact, I […]

You’ve booked your newborn portrait session, and the day is fast approaching. One of the first questions that many new parents have is “what to wear to your newborn portrait session”? I know that when you’ve just had a baby this question can be particularly emotional for Moms. The amazing way that our bodies change to grow and nurture our […]

As an expecting parents, you’re ecstatic about your growing baby… and not to mention the growing bump! There’s no better way to commemorate this monumental moment in your life, than with a professional maternity portrait session. Maternity photography not only captures your beautiful round baby belly, but also the love and emotions that accompany the final weeks of your pregnancy. […]

The Location: Deciding on if you would like to have the session indoors at my studio, or at an outdoor location would be the first step in planning a first birthday portrait session. For an outdoor location, the best lighting is about an hour before sunset, so we would be looking at meeting two hours before sunset for the start […]